Anyone here in Albuquerque, NM??


I’m in El Paso, not that it’s super close, but there’s only one other guy around here, and he’s 15 or 16, and rarely posts anything

Hey, nice that you posted. And yeah, we’re about 3.5hrs away from each other. I do head down there like once a year though…

I was yo-yoing up in Albuquerque and Santa Fe a few weeks ago.

There is a NM group that found me on Facebook last week. They are in Sandia Park which may be closer to your location. Here is the link to the 5Yo5 Yo-Yo Club . I’m out on the border of NM, CO, UT and AZ in the four corners.

The Yo Down Show Down is coming up on July 3rd (also open to out of state players - no passport required). If you are interested in some of the past winners… check the posts for GoCrazyForYoyo, maker of Amplified Return Tops who won the contest twice. Shannon Jackson is another two time winner and has come back to help judge the contest.

Cool! Thanks for replying Luke! Yeah, I’ve been wanting to go check out the event on July 4th up there. Are you in Farmington? Oh, and thanks for that link for that yoyo group. I wish I would see more people here where I’m Am yoyoing… Thanks for the help though. I appreciate it.

Yes, I’m still in Farmington… Working on new yo-yo videos… Here is a still frame from one still production. Good luck with finding other New Mexico Throwers!

Update on the Yo Down Show Down.  The date is on July 3rd at 5:45 instead of July 4th.  The Farmington Museum Foundation who I work with on the event switched days and venue for the first time in over 10 years.  Special Thanks to MagicYoYo, Duncan and YoYoFactory for sponsoring the event.

Here are the details.  Here is a schedule of events for Friday, July 3rd at the Farmington Museum (3041 E. Main Farmington, NM)

5pm – 8:30pm Family Freedomfest - Gateway Park Museum & Visitor Center Terrace
Brought to you by Millennium/Leavitt Insurance

5:00 Ice Cream Social: ice cream eating contest, sundaes & root beer floats
Farmington Museum Foundation & Creamland Dairies – sponsors

5:00 Performance by San Juan College’s Company

5:45 Yo Yo Demonstration & Contest – Luke Renner

6:30 Delbert Anderson Trio, Connie Gotsch Arts Foundation – sponsor

7:15 Kissmah Brass Band, Millennium/Leavitt Insurance - sponsor
Great food and ice cream available for purchase from fantastic food vendors and the Farmington Museum Foundation. Stay after and enjoy the fireworks and musical simulcast!

Update on the Yo Down Show Down most of the prizes have come in for the contest.

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I live in ABQ!!