starting a new yoyo club in albuquerque New mexico


Okay I am starting a yoyo club here in albuquerque new mexico any who throws pm me fro more info


I am interested. I live in ABQ in the NE heights.


Is the club still going on? or has it been too long or not enough throws? I’m interested if it is still around…


If you have Facebook, make a group there too. It may help reach a few more people. Not all throwers are on YYE. They should be, but they aren’t.

There’s a few more places they should all be as well.


Is this still going i would like to join


is this club still active? looking for throwers in NM?!


This is a new facebook group for the Albuquerque YoYo club.  Come join the FB group.  We meet monthly and we will meet again in Feb.


Hi Everyone,

Here is a contest/meet-up coming up on July 4th in Farmington, New Mexico. please post/share.

Registration High Noon in the New Mexico High Desert

Past 2 time winners:

Keyshawn Yazzie
Logan Bates
LaMontē Patterson - founder of Amplified Return Tops
Shannon Jackson - Team Allyoyo of AZ