Clubs in New Mexico?

Clubs in NM?

same question here!!

There is a lot of distance between players in NM. I heard of a club a few years ago in Sandia NM - the contact who may have some information is Intricate Circles on Facebook. Then UNM had a juggling club with one thrower a few years ago. I haven’t heard of any clubs recently which means there is a lot of opportunity for starting one.

I am out in the Four Corners area (Farmington, NM) and have been running a free contest for the last 13 years. Players who have won twice include Shannon Jackson (Arizona), LaMonte Patterson (Santa Fe and now in Georgia - founder of Amplified Return Tops), Logan Bates who signed on with MYY after his second win, and Keyshawn Yazzie. The Yo Down Show Down contest takes place on the July 4th weekend in Farmington.