Yoyoing in New Mexico?

Any clubs in New Mexico :o ???

Hey girlzyoyo,

From my research over the past year, there’s only a few people throwing in all of New Mexico, and we’re kind of a scattered lot. Luke Renner is definitely the most widely known yoyoer in New Mexico, and he’s done quite a lot of work in promoting yoyoing around the state, but yoyoing has yet to gain significant popularity here.

I know that Luke Renner hosts an annual yoyo competition in Farmington called Yo Down Show Down, but I’ve never been there, so I couldn’t tell you what the contest is like, but I know that he’ll always have some pretty nice yoyos that you can win.

Sorry for the somewhat disappointing news. Maybe someday more New Mexicans will be as inspired to yoyo as you and I.


I’m here from nm. What city/town you live in?