Is there a way to tell if there is a kinc in your string.

When I throw down really hard for a good sleeper and the yoyo comes straight up and hits me in the face. How can I avoid that. It hurts. And when i make a muscle and throw it. (Idk what is it called at this moment) it comes and hits me. Andre Bouley knows when it is there and when it isn’t. How can I do that. Help please.

Don’t throw that hard :slight_smile:

As you get better you will get a feel for wether your last bind was a kink or not.

If you think that there might be a kink, just throw softly, and see if there is or not.

Best of luck!

When your binds aren’t as trustworthy as they can be, or when you get a particularly sketchy bind, you generally don’t want to throw at full speed until you know that the yoyo is going to unspool properly and /safely/.

You want to learn what’s called a “safety throw”, which is just a light frontstyle sleeper throw to make sure that the wind is “clean.” If you have a snagged or backwound portion of string, the yoyo will run partway down the string, thunk, and then climb the string. If there isn’t a knot-- just a snag or other kerfuffle-- you may have to safety throw a couple times before it fully unwinds into a spin.

Combine this technique with bind practice, and you’ll be throwing both clean and safe.

Very well put D O G S

After awhile you will get a feel for it and you will know that you have one. If you have even the slightest suspicion of it, then just do a safety throw Like D O G S said and you should be ok. Sometimes they will sneak up on you, and then you need to activate your Matrix reflexes.

Wish I had them matrix reflexes! (Cough cough dv888 to the eye cough cough)

Had that happen to yah ea whoth3man? Your not the only sunken ship when it comes to that.

Yep, I was hit in the eye. Everything looked like a foggy window out of that eye.

Reflex. Move out of the way and regen.

Safety throw, bro. And lots of practice.