is there a reason?

Is there a reason My silicone is ripping out of my legacy? I leave it to dry long enough, yet my gasket maker is holding up for 1-2 weeks tops. :-\

1.How long has it been there?
2.What gasket maker did you use?

And also,Gasket Maker lasts longer than flowable silicone

I think you have to make a recess deep enough to let the silicone stay in there.

let it cure for 24 hours, not just overnight.

Among other ways to help silicone stay in it’s groove the best are cleaning the silicone groove out with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip and just making sure to not have any air bubbles left when you silicone your legacy.

Maybe your applying it in some wrong way. If you think your having air bubbles when you silicone it try using clear silicone that way you know when you have bubbles. Then you can take a needle and take out the bubbles.

i stink at applying silicone i use kpads

why u have to clean the groove i put silicone and i took out the res bits in here so is it okay to silicone my dm

it will be thinner in some places=faster ripping

You clean the groove so the dust/dirt doesn’t get between the silicone and the wall, otherwise you’ll essentially be siliconing to the dirt, and not the yoyo.