Is there a list of Yo Yo Masters?

I guess André and Dazzling Dave is, but who else?

That’s cool! Not very up to date though.
Steve Brown looks like a punk teenager!

You mean experts of the forum?

yoyo wiki has pros.
or any of the teams sites have everyone on their team.

He didn’t say pro’s. He said YoYo Master. BIG difference. There are only like 10 national yoyo masters if I remember right.

National yoyo masters.

* Jennifer Baybrook (USA)
* Steve Brown (USA)
* Takahiko Hasegawa (Japan)
* Rafael Matsunaga (Brazil)
* Hironori Mii (Japan)
* Dave Schulte (USA)
* Thad Winzenz (USA)
* Rick Wyatt (USA)
* Andre Boulay (USA) 

National Grand Masters

* Bill de Boisblanc
* Dennis McBride
* Dale Myrberg
* Dale Oliver 

People who yoyo for a living.

* Steve Brown
* John Higby
* Rebecca Higby
* Dave Schulte
* Dick Stohr
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wow… that kills me!