famous yoyer names

I just thought of this game basically you try to list 2 famous yoyoers that have the same first name.

Ex: Paul
Paul Dang, Paul Kerbel, and Paul Han

Feel free to add on to existing posts if they missed one.

Enjoy the game!

Paul Escolar

Paul Yath


thought of another one

John Ando John Higby and John chow

Ben McPhee, Ben Conde.

nehemiah peterson.

im no fun

There are two pretty high level contest players (one in 2A, one in 4A) from the 2000s named Atsushi Yamada. There are also two John Hubers.

Vashek Kroutil and Vaclav Kroutil :o

(I’ve heard both for the same person. I’m pretty sure it’s Vashek as when he says his name he says Vashek, IDK why people call him Vaclav.)

I think Vashek is just a nickname for the Czech name Václav, like someone named James going by Jim.

Read carefully, some of you are not listing at least TWO.

Takuma Yamamoto and Inoue

Kazuya Murata
Yamato Murata

Kentaro Mannen
Kentaro Kimura

Vu Ho
Brandon Vu
Brandon Jackson

Ian Loh
Ian Johnson

Daisuke Shimada
Daisuke Ito
Ryosuke Ito
Ryosuke Iwasawa

Tyler Severance
Tyler Rose

Yuuki Spencer
Spencer Berry

Chuck Norris

Dale Oliver
Dale Myrberg
Dale Brown

(My middle name is Dale. Weird, right?)

Dale Bell

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Takeshi Matsuura
Takeshi Kamisato
Takeshi Maruyama

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Mark McBride
Dennis McBride

first name.

dennis mcbride > this whole thread so i think he gets a pass.

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Blake Freeman
Hank Freeman

Mark Montgomery
Mike Montgomery