Favorite Professional by Sponsor

Here is where you can post your favorite professional yoyoers by company. I will go first.

YYF: Gentry Stein
YYJ: Andre Boulay, Ben Conde
Duncan: Rafael Matsunaga
CLYW: Zach Gormley, Jensen Kimmitt
OD: Paul Dang
Yomega: Brett Ouchcunis (how often do you hear that name)
YoyoRec: Ryota Ogi
C3: David Molnar, Shinya Kido
SPYY: Sebastian Brock
General Yo: James Reed
Turning Point: Josefina Nesporova
Crucial: Paul Yath
Toxic Strings: Chuck Short

What are yours?

Nobody? Anybody? Somebody?

Yoyofactory: John Ando
CLYW: Zach Gormley
YoyoJam: Eric Koloski
Duncan: Janos Karancz
OneDrop: Paul Dang
sOMEThING: Michael Nakamura
YoyoRecreation: Iori or Ryota, can’t decide
General Yo: James Reed
Werrd: Eric Tranton or Wilson
RecRev: Anthony Rojas (who else?)
Turning Point: Kentaro Kimura

SPYY doesn’t exist anymore. Sebby joined Duncan.

CLYW- Chuck/Zach/Palli
Onedrop- Mark Montgomery
General Yo- James Reed
Duncan- Janos somethingblahblahicantspellthis
YYJ- John Narum/Ben Conde/Grant Johnson
YYF- Paul Kerbel, Paul Han, Ann Connolly
G2- Jesse Christe
I’ll think of more later.

CLYW: Charles Haycock, Nuu Gatowsky
OD: Paul Dang
YYF: Steve Brown
Spin Dynamics: Benji Sharib
YYJ: Eric Koloski
Yomega: Daniel Dietz
MyWife: Me


CLYW: Pali
OD: Jt Nickel
YYj: Eric Koloski
Square Wheels: Shane Lubecker
G2: Jesse Christie
Duncan: Sebastian Brock
Werrd: Vu Ho
C3: Augie Fash
sOMETHING: Chis Chia
RecRev: Anthony Rojas

CLYW: Petr
YYF: Jason Lee
G2: Jesse Christe
YYR: Kentaro Mannen
Duncan: Tomas Bubak
Deadly Spins: Joey Serrano

YYF Tyler Severance Patrick Borgerding
CLYW Chuck and Zach
YYJ Ben Conde
OD Paul Dang
MFD Tony North
Square Wheels Spencer Walker
Duncan Isaac Sams
C3 Augie Fash

Seriously? You’re bumping the thread after only about thirty minutes? LOL.

Duncan - Janos Karancz
Yomega - Daniel Dietz
YYF - Gentry Stein (my overall favorite)
YYJ - Ben Conde
OD - Paul Dang
CLYW - Zach Gormley

And I will stop there…


Duncan: Janos karancz
G2: Jesse christe
YYF: Yuji Kelly
OD: JT Nickel
YYJ: Takeshi, John Narum, Grant Johnson
Werrd: Eric tranton
Recrev: Anthony Rojas
DS: Alex Fairhurst
YYR: ryota Ogi
C3: Shinya Kido
Turning Point: Shinji Saito ( pretty sure he’s with them)
Square Wheels: Robbie Graham
Crucial: Cj Atkinson
Something: Kazuaya Murata
Yoyomonster: hideo Ishida

Haha…we are bros and we do mance

Duncan Crew: Tomáš Bubák, Janos karancz, Rodrigo yokota, and Khota
YYF: Vashek Kroutil, Ann, Igor Galiev, paul kerbel, luis enrique, david ung
YYJ: Eric Koloski, Ben Conde, Andre, Takeshi Matsurra, mikhail tulabut
CLYW: Palli, Charles Haycock, Petr Kavka, Chase Hadden, Zach Gormely
One drop: Mark Montgomery, Graeme Steller, JT Nickel, paul dang
Werrd: Eric tranton
Recrev: Anthony Rojas
C3: Augie Fash

Bromance 24/7

YYJ: Takeshi Matsuura
YYF: Gentry Stein
Duncan: Hank Freeman
CLYW: Chuck
One Drop: Paul Dang
RecRev: Anthony Rojas
Square Wheels: Shane Lubecker
Werrd: Eric TranTon

Yoyofactory: Jason Lee
Duncan: Hank Freeman
Turning Point: Kentaro Kimura
Yoyorecreation: Takahiro Iizuka
One Drop: Paul Dang
C3: Shinya Kido
Clyw: Nu Gat
YYJ: Eric Koloski
Crucial Paul Yath
Xcube: Ixbalam

And now just Czech edition with my friends :slight_smile:
Duncan: Axl, Korda
Yoyofactory: Vashek
Clyw: Petr, David
Turning Point: Josefina

André and his wife are really awesome (there is a secret agent video on YouTube where they both own the dm2 that video is so good)

Mike Montgomery -MFD
Ed Haponik - 365tricks.Com? (I don’t know any other currently and that could be really wrong)
Mack Finley - OneDrop
Paul Dang - OneDrop

I know there are other but these are right off the top of my head.