Random yoyoers

I don’t really know any good non really popular yoyoers so start posting please ::slight_smile:

John Narum 4a!

Kinda popular

Guy Wright
Elliot Jackson
Andrew Robinson
Josh Yee
Tie McClellan
James Hoher
Jensen Kimmit
Sebastian Brock
Boyd Seth
Chris Fraser
Paul Yath

Those are some that spring to mind. All are my faves :wink:

Johnny Deivalle, Andre Boulay, And Hiroyuki Suzuki (Mickey).

all three of them (especially mickey) are pretty well known and popular.

luo yi cheng seems to be pretty not well known as far as I can tell.
and ryan gee.

Luo Yi Chen, how could I forget him. His 08 freestyle is all I’ve been watching

Alex Kim
Anthony Rojas
Pasquale Baldi

Same here! I really think he could’ve gotten at least 2nd

and also i felt that Bryan Figueroa had a nice 4a at nats last year

vasek kroutil
here is a vid:

Bryan is amazing he always has good 4A…and with cool music.


lol he said NON popular

Valery (Fedya) Reutov
Daniel Deitz

Doctor Popular :smiley: :wink:

haha good one!

Augie Fash!

Happy Throwing! =]



Read much?  :stuck_out_tongue:

Is Mark Montgomery too popular to be on this list? I think not.

I think he isnt too popular,its fine. :wink:

Hmm this kids seems pretty good.


This kids better–

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b33kXfQSdnI&feature=channel_page  ;D

Not really. Zach could kill that kid.

Stupid kid…