is there a chicago yoyo club?

if there is can you tell me were it is and when you meet.
im going to be there for a few days and i want to go

Not that I know of, but there IS the TRIPLE CROWN!

Drop by this weekend.


seems like one should be started… there has to be enough players in the 3rd largest city in america to support a club.

There is one. We’ve been meeting for 2 years, give or take. Look for us on FB.

Yes we do, but you’ll have to check around. We’ve been carpetbaggers for a couple of months now, don’t know where we’ll end up next. The next meeting for sure is the 20th of this month,but I’m not sure where yet. For more info, pm me please!

Go to cat and mouse game they have a club.



bringing a dead post back to life is bad

Is this you, Tiereney?

Yes, but everyone needs to stop typing in this. It’s against the rules…

Oops, sorry, I didn’t know.
I am the boy who temporarily traded with you.