Chicago Yo-yo Club on June 18th

Our fist gathering with the Duncan Crew went great. Now it’s time for us to hold our own monthly meet ups. We’ll be meeting the third Saturday of each month starting November 20th. If anyone has any questions please let me know. Hope to see all Chicagolanders there.

Tommorows the day. I’m Looking forward to hanging out with Duncan.

good times. :slight_smile:

agreed. sooooo fun

Added club flyer and date of first meet.

Hi Chicgolanders,

This Saturday, Nov. 20th, from 2-5 pm we will be holding our first monthly yo-yo meet at the Cat and Mouse Game Store. There should be some good yo-yoing going on, as well as some spintop and diabolo play. If you can make it out for the meet, I’m sure you’ll have a good time. Feel free to bring your wife/girlfriend/siblings/parents with you, Cat and Mouse has plenty of game demos to keep them busy if they don’t play yo-yo.

Cat and Mouse Game Store is located at: 2212 W. Armitage, Chicago, IL 60647. The meet will be from 2-5 pm this Saturday. Future meets will be on the third Saturday of each month.

Hope to see you there.

fun fun

Can you PLEASE have a meet the day after Thanksgiving? I will be there then and it would be awesome!

Hey! I am orginizing a may 2011 Illinois state yoyo contest and it would be great too see you guys out here!,22758.0.html

Nvm, I’m probaly not going anymore.

i will come next time. i was at ChiTAG yesterday so i couldnt make it but it was a sucessful day

Our first meet in November went better than I could have imagined. We had about 12 people yo-yoing at one time, with a few others coming or going at different times. I’m hoping the next meet will be just as good.

The December meet will be on a special date of Sunday, December 19th from 3-6 pm. It will be held at Cat & Mouse Game Store as usual.

As always feel free to bring family and friends, even if they don’t yo-yo. Cat & Mouse has over 300 demo board games available for them to play while you yo-yo.

If you’re in the area, we would love to see you there.

[B]Yo-yo Club
Sunday, December 19th
3-6 pm

Cat & Mouse Game Store
2212 W. Armitage
Chicago, IL 60647[/B]

In case you forgot, Club is THIS Sunday (12/19/2010), from 3-6 at Cat & Mouse Game Store. Hope to have a good turnout. I’m excited.

im going to chicago for vacation today, could i just show up?

yup, the more the better.

Yesterday’s club meet was fun, even though many of you could not attend. We had a few new people show up who were very enthusiastic, which is great for the future of the club.

January’s meet does not have a date set yet, due to Madfest falling on the third Saturday of the month, but as soon as it does I’ll let everyone know.

My sincere apologies goes out to the person who showed up early and was turned away. There was a bit of miscommunication with one of the workers and he was not aware that club was moved to yesterday. It won’t happen again. If any of you regulars need my phone number to confirm that club is going on in the future, please send me a pm or message.

I just confirmed that January’s club meeting will be on January 8th from 2-5. Thats one week before Madfest. I hope to see a good turn out, these meetings are getting more fun each month.

there are… chicago yoyoers??? T.T

Yup, Beleive it or not, there’s a bunch of us.

Are you in the Chicago area?

im out in des plaines… this is mind blowing,