Chicago Yo-Yo Club

Hey guys! I’m here to imform you players about the Chicago Yo-Yo Club! This month’s club is on the 26th in the Bucktown Library from 2-5 pm! More information is on the Chicago Yo-Yo Club 's Facebook page. I will be updating this monthly,for you guys can have more info each month.
Hope to see some of you there,and keep throwing!

If it’s on the 26th I could go:)

Bump for all the people in the Midwest

I’ll be in town from Florida, so I’ll be there for sure!

Just to remind everyone, Saturday is the day of the club. Hope to see some of you there!

I had a blast at the meet today Thanks James for organizing it all, and John Narum for hanging out and judging the minute freestyles. I hope I can make the next one! Well worth it if your anywhere around the Chicagoland area!

Heyo! On Saturday is the Chicago club! Same place,same time, and Ben Conde is organizing the Harlem Shake! Come on out!

I really hope I can make it I’m figuring out ride situations.

Thanks to Ben Conde and his great ideas, the Chicago Yoyo Club now has its own version of the Harlem Shake. As it says in the description,we had to do it!


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Haha I was right next to the left side but you can’t see me at all!

This month’s club is on the 16th. Same time,same place! See you there!