Chicago Yo-yo Club on June 18th

Well come on out to the next meet, we like to meet the area yo-yoers. If you have a facebook page or email, pm it to me and I can keep you informed of future meets as well.

d@#$%t i was the one who showed up early remember me Ramir uhhh the asian kid in the black sweater the one with the silver maverick ,btw i got a dv888 gold red splash. the man said it was every saturday and that it was cnaceled because of the holidays so i ended up going to one of my moms patients house bcuz shes a traveling nurse. what a life it is

oh and to correct your grammar it wasnt moved to “yesterday” it was moved to a tommorow because sunday comes after saturday

As I stated before, I do apologize. There was some confusion with the clerk at the store. He wasn’t aware that the meet was moved and the owner of the store stepped out for a few minutes to get some supplies. I’m very sorry that you were turned away, I hope something like this never happens again.

After careful planning we have set the dates for the next 6 months, so Chicagolanders can plan ahead. These dates and times shouldn’t conflict with any contest in the Midwest, but are still tentative, since things could always change. If they do change, it will be posted here with plenty of warning.

The dates for club meets are:

Saturday, January 8, 2-5pm @ Cat & Mouse Game Store
Saturday, February 19, 2-5pm @ Cat & Mouse Game Store
Saturday, March 12, 2-5pm @ Cat & Mouse Game Store
Saturday, April 16, 2-5pm @ Cat & Mouse Game Store
Saturday, May 21, 2-5pm @ Cat & Mouse Game Store
Saturday, June 18, 2-5pm @ Cat & Mouse Game Store

The schedule can also be found at , as well as some of the upcoming contest dates.

This Saturday is our next meet, so if you can come we’d sure like to see you.

Join us for some fun this afternoon at our yo-yo meetup from 2-5pm. If you can make it right at 2, we’ll have a quick demo on how to clean your bearings and silicone your yo-yo’s.

Cat and Mouse Game store is at:

2212 W. Armitage
Chicago, IL, 60647

Our next meet is Febuary 19th from 2-5. This should be a good one. We’re having a quick demo, sometime in the first hour, on how to make a good looking yo-yo case, then afterwards we’re giving away the yo-yo case to one lucky person.

As always the meet will be held at:

Cat and Mouse Game Store
2212 W. Armitage
Chicago, IL, 60647

Febuary’s meet is coming up next week, Saturday Feb 19th. As always we’ll be meeting from 2-5 pm at Cat and Mouse Game Store. I’m just now doing the final touches on the yo-yo case that I’ll be giving away at the meet. Come by and have some fun throwing with others.

The store is located at:

Cat and Mouse Game Store
2212 W. Armitage
Chicago, IL, 60647

Hope to see you there!!!

February’s Club meet was a lot of fun. Met some new people, had cupcakes, and there was an epic one-throw contest.

March’s club meet will be on the 12th from 2-5. It will be a good one, a lot of things are being planed. More on that later.

We’ve also started a Facebook page for the club. It can be found at:

Everyone should go ahead and “like” us to support the club, and yo-yoing in general.

More to come later.

Tommorow, March 12, is the big day. 2-5pm at Cat and Mouse Game Store. Hope to see you there.

Il be there April 16, I missed the march one because I just plain forgot (which isn’t like me) lol, but now I’ve got it plugged I’n my iPhone so I won’t forget

April is here, which means another yo-yo meet is coming up. This month’s meet will be on April 16 from 2-5 pm at Cat and Mouse Game Store. As we did last month, we will be doing testing for the incentive program. You can test your skills and win great prizes for completing the different levels. Tricks for the program can be found at: . My goal for this month is to get my Silver and Gold string trick award, but would be more than happy if I just recieve my silver.

Cat and Mouse game store is located at 2212 W. Armitage, Chicago, IL 60647

Hope to see you there.

A little late, but just a quick reminder that yo-yo club will be tomorrow (4-16-2011) from 2-5 pm at Cat and Mouse Game Store. Hope to see you there.

June is here, which means nicer weather, and that our next Chicago Yo-yo Club meet is coming up. This month, on June 18th, we’re going to do something a little different and have part of our EXTRA LONG meet outdoors. The Wicker Park Children’s Carnival is being held nearby at Wicker Park, about 4 mins away from Cat and Mouse by car. The festival is an exciting action and education packed event for the entire family. Cat and Mouse will have a few tables set up for people to play games and we’ll hold the first part of our meet nearby from 1-3pm. Even though we will not be doing any sort of performance, our mere presence should be a great way to promote our club and hopefully get some people interested in yo-yo’s. Afterwards we’ll go back to our regular meeting space at Cat and Mouse and finish our meet at the usual time (from 3 to 5pm).

The June 18th meet schedule is:
1-3pm Wicker Park Children’s Carnival - 1425 N. Damen Avenue
3-5pm Cat and Mouse Game Store – 2212 W. Armitage

If you’re usually dropped off for the meet and need a ride from the festival to the store please let me know as it can be arranged.

I hope to see you all for the meet, or for at least part of the meet depending on your schedule. The club is growing, and every month is getting more and more fun. If you have any questions please let me know.