Anyone in Illinois

I’m in the st.Charles area (Kane county) maybe we could build a club or small group please respond.

I live in Peoria, IL but you are closer to Chicago.

There is a Chicago Yo-Yo club perhaps you should check them out:

Also a local game store has yo-yo lessons with Ben Conde every Saturday, you’ll have to go to the Chicago Yo Yo Club to get the details on the store. I won’t list the name here since I think it would be in conflict with the forum rules. Just check out the Chicago Yo Yo Club, they mention where they meet and where they lessons are held.

Chicago is about an hour away I go there for the state contest but it’s to far to go just to meet a club.

Hey just about to make this post lol. I’m in rolling meadows and travel to club and events when work permits me to be able to. If you aren’t a long drive we can meet whenever you want I’d be down.

jhonson how old are you

Sweet!! Finally someone around me! Hey I’m 14 (ask me if you want proof) I live in. Montgomery, 14 and go to Kaneland, if that means anything. Hit me up or give me your number or something, because I’d love to finally hang out with another yoyoer.

I’m from the north side of Chicago

What’s that store?

Johnson, mordo, and foofy we should start a club I know 2 yoyoers at my school and Johnson knows 2 that equals 8 which is big enough plus more will join once we make the club public so I think once a month we should meet, but I don’t know where.

Yeah man I’m totally down for it! Finally somebody in real life where I get to talk about yoyo’s. Pretty awesome.

Ok Johnson is in to