Anybody in IL 2022

Yoo whats up so I wanted to meet some new throwers because I dont know anyone irl that cares about yoyoing a much as me. So I was wondering if any of you guys want to meet up.

If so shoot me a pm so we can plan something :blush:

Bump, there’s got to be someone here!

I’m pretty sure there’s some yoyo clubs in Chicago man. I’m in Illinois as well but I’m pretty darn far south from you.

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Yeah i know but like i dont want to drive almost 2 hours into the sketch part of town to meet some guys i found on a yoyo forum :sweat_smile: i was hoping for someone who was like 30 mins away

Hoping to find some people!!

I’m in the Wheaton area!

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Yoo we got to meet up some time!!

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I mean, yoyo’s are addictive.
And you could revitalize the Ghetto…

Sling some new phrases around while you’re there like…

Slack not Crack.

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Hey friend…… Rock here…… I’m starting a monthly throw group/club in central Illinios and that’s in Springfield! Starts in June haven’t decided on a Saturday to meet… that for now will be at Southwinds park Springfield & will meet 11-3 on a Saturday to be determined!
I’ll keep you posted if interested? Chicago is 3:30 drive….?? I realize it’s very far…… best I can do friend! Good Luck!!


Ok! Keep me posted, but i dont know if i will be able to make it.

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