Is the yyf jk a good yoyo?

My friend told me to buy it because he said it outplays more expensive yoyos. It it really that good?

Save your $21.

It look like a really bad attempt at the Rozzor…

It looks like a bad attempt at a lot of things…

Just wondering, do any of you guys know how this plays? This is a dancing pearl rip off right? YYF was “JKing” us when they made this. But for $20 this looks like something I want.

I have played one. It was incredibly “ehh”. It works, no doubt, but for the money… just buy a sweet plastic.

Yeah i gues you just pay $15 more and you can get a north/protostar. I think im gonna save up for caferacer. Have you played one?

Just buy a Drifter or a YYJ plastic.