Is the YYF Genesis "oversized"

I’ve only had the New Velocity and the DM2 as yoyo’s, and when I saw the main video demonstrating the Genesis, I thought that it looks a bit oversized. Is it oversized, or is that the new overall size of a yoyo nowadays/loosing my marbles? AND ALSO, did they update or change the “Advanced Tricks Part 2” here on YYE just a few days ago, or has it always been the same? I feel that they added and took out some tricks. Paul Dang, am I loosing my marbles! (Yes pun intended ;D)

No its full sized i have one its not as big as it looks

Well the thing that I am worried about is that since I am only 14, it would be a little to big for me, because it looked like a monster on a string, and that’s with grown ups using it!

Yeah, the Genesis isn’t oversized, it is full-sized. And BTW, I am younger than you and it is just fine for my hands (I have one).

And no, YYE hasn’t added any new tutorials to the Advanced Part 2 section, nor have they removed any if those tutorials.

In other words, you are definitely losing your marbles. LOL, JK.

naa im 13 lol it fits fine in my hand i may be 5’8 but my hands are small

Your 13 and 5’8? Do you play basketball? And yeah, your right. It really is not as big as it looks on that promo video, compared to when I just saw redneck play with his Genesis on his youtube video.

Yeah, I’m not surprised. I guess I am. I love those 3 tricks you made up as well, When I get a new, metal throw in a few weeks, I’ll learn some. Keep those tuts coming!

yea im 5’8 lol i dont play basketball i cant shoot for my life i play hockey, lacrosse and soccer my background is croatian and there generally huge people so yea im tall my grandpa is 6’4