Genesis vs BOSS?

Hey guys im interested in getting a new throw but i dont know which one to get. I use to have a bully and i want something similar to that. Maybe the genesis? Also, how smaller is the boss compared to the bully. Had my heart set on a bassalope but everywhere i look they are either sold out or not available.

Wait till the bassalope gets back in stock. It will be well worth it. :wink:

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Im sure the Genesis will be a great throw… It looks alot like a GM2, which is godly btw…

About the size… I just bought an M1 which is 50mm in diameter… and Im like whats a few MM? It feels SO small… It takes some getting used to but its still a good throw… So if you’ve never played an undersized yoyo it will be a very new experience

Good luck

i have a genesis its worth getting it

its smooth, long spinning and amazing for 1a and 5a

one problem is the silicone sticks out a little to much but you dont even notice it

if its a problem buy a center trac

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Alittle late there amigo…

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