Boss or Genesis?

I am trying to decide between the boss or genesis. What are different between them? From your experience which do you prefer? I would like an undersized yoyo thats smooth and plays well.

from your prefrences I would go with the boss.

Whats the size of the genesis again??

The Genesis has a weight of 67g, a diameter of 56mm, and a width of 43mm.

The Boss has a weight of 66g, a diameter of 50mm, and a width of 41mm.

Oh ok thanks.

Definitlly go with the Boss. It’s one of the fastest playing YYF yoyos out there! ;D

I had to make that decision myself i chose genesis

if you want something really long spinning and stable go with the genesis

if you want something fast and small go with the boss

You would like the BOSS much more than the Genesis.

Ok I have a question, what is the difference between the 888x and the normal 888??

It’s just the newest 888.There was the '07 the '08 and the '09. This is the 2010 model. X is the Roman numeral for ten.