is the rec rev Oscillatrix good?

hello everyone everybody says the rec rev Oscillatrix is a great yoyo i was just wondering i have no mettles im kinda newish to yoyoing i have yoyoed for about 4 months now and i want a cheao mettle so the rec rev Oscillatrix looks awesome just wondering. ;D

Glad I could be the first to respond, and say that I do own one and it is awesome. It has a crucial groove bearing which imo is the best out there next to a 10ball and terrapin x. For $68 it can’t be beat. Although, I do also love my beysick and cafe racer. Both $60.

should i get the cafe racer or the Oscillatrix

it is in no way a cheapo yoyo…Its a great yoyo… its worth every penny… i love mine ;D

yeah go for the Oscillatrix, everything rec rev is great :smiley:

ok thanks guys :slight_smile:

yeah but its nowhere near the price of a 888.11 or a skyline

I’ve played with an Oscillatrix a few times. It’s a great playing yoyo. RecRev has been releasing some stellar yoyos recently, all at a very good price.