Is the laquer/winter Legend Wing any heavier than the regular?

Anyone have the Winter Collection Legend Wing (or one of the laquer stained ones)? Are they any heavier than the normal “raw” wood ones?

I like the legend wing a lot considering it’s price. I just find it a little light. Not sure that paint or laquer is enough to make up the difference, but I figured I’d ask.

No, it’s not.

In fact, my lacquered Legend Wing is my lightest.

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But isn’t the white one rubber coated?

Oh my mistake, he was talking about that one.

The rubber one isn’t much heavier either. The Legend Wing’s weight varies so much that any of them can be between 42-50g.

I would not get the winter collecyion Legend Wing if I were you. It feels rather horrible and the string grips in the catch zone.


I was asking about either/both. So all the info is good to know.

Yeah, I was curious what the deal was with that paint. Thanks for saving me $10.

Sigh. I was trying to fix the misspelled post titles, and now it looks like I edited everyone’s posts.


Sorry about that.

If only it was white paint, then the yoyo would be really good.

Unfortunately, it it a thin sprayed on rubber coating, it feels really unappealing in the hand the fact that it is rubber is the cause of the string gripping.

That being said, it still looks really nice.

Bummer. I bought the Winter one a while back, but never took it out of the box. I may just leave it there.

The rubber coating on the legend doesn’t cover the string gap though. It stops right after the curve and the gap walls are just wood. I was throwing one yesterday and didn’t notice any issues like that.

I wonder what the point of the rubber coating was? Just something different to do? White pearly paint would have been really cool just on it’s own.

Yes, the rubber doesn’t go all the way down, but I still find it doesn’t play quite right.

Well, now I have to try it. It looks so awesome…!