Is it what we call "Wobble"?

When I throw my speedmaker even though if it is straight or not, It will rotate. You know I’m sayin’?, Yeah, Example I throw straight, Then it will turn to the left or right. Is it Wobble?, It happens Everytime.

That is not exactly a wobble, A wobble is almost the same as a vibe, but just in bigger motions. It seems to me like you are experiencing gyroscopic precession. This will always happen, but keeping the string away from the sides will diminish the effect. But it is completely natural, and there’s not too much you can do about it. Just keep the string away from the sides as best as you can.

Yes!, That is my problem, I can’t maintain the string in the center. :slight_smile:
Thank you Jonas!~

You could try a koncave bearing.

That won’t help. This is something you just kind of have to deal with. If it starts to turn then turn your body with it so that the strings line up.

It actually will help. If the string is in the center, it won’t touch the sides as easily, therefore lessening (but not eliminating) gyroscopic precession.

It’ll help, but its not necissary. If you feel like kicking the $15 for it then by all means get it. But if you’re broke like me, you can try and keep the string in the center and adapt. :stuck_out_tongue:

Like samad said, if its centered it wont be against one side of the yoyo, thus helping to keep it more balanced.

Ok I guess it will help, but it definitely won’t eliminate it.

What everyone else said, and also rim weight, if one side is heavier than the other it will rotate to that side, Did you sand it?