Is it weird that I am content with my collection?

I know andre won’t like this, but is it weird that I am content with where my collection is?

My Current Collection(For Reference)

28 stories Chief

Wolverine Puffin

Wolverine BvM 1

Camp Caribou BvM 2

Gnarwhal red/clear

A pair of Protostars (3a ftw)

A pair of Loop shaqler loop 900s

Optic Star no jive 3 in 1

Is it weird that I am content with this compared to others collections?

Thanks, I was just if anybody else found a mixture of throws that was perfect for them.

If you’re content, you’re content. Who cares what anyone else thinks?


No it’s not weird. Judging by the “wants” threads it may be a little unusual though :stuck_out_tongue:

I think it is a good thing.

I wish I was you. I keep buying more and more, and last I checked, I only have 2 hands. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was bored and looking to stir a discussion. Well that and attention everyone loves attention.

I’m happy with mine. Though there’s a few more on my list, some of which are no longer in production.

Although I’m probably always going to want another new throw, there are some yoyos that I feel I like so much I would never possibly trade them. (Sentimental value mainly lol)

Not really. I think it applies to a lot of us. I have been content, from a player perspective, for a long time now. The collector in me, is engrossed in the hobby of collecting, so I do that because I enjoy it. It doesn’t mean I’m always looking for something different to play. I have my mains that I play, and very content with them.

It’s not weird. Collecting and playing are two very different things. I’d have a lot less yo-yos if I could throw better, but it seems I have more of a talent in gathering yo-yos (being a pack-rat?). I’d rather have a small collection and better skills.

I guess Im a player, I buy yoyos, and I’m dissapointed they dont stack up to my chief, and play the chief mostly. Latest thing that got a spot in my collection is a victory wtih ultra lites, I love the thing. If its not a player, it might as well be sold to try something else.

Go pulsefire!

Nope… not weird at all.

I’m content with an imperial, butterfly, MYY N12, a responsive MYY T5, and a No Jive …

i was happy with an early model 888, a self modded lyn fury with a homemade counterweight and 2 loop 720s for years. There is nothing wrong with saying “this is good enough”

Yes it’s weird.

It’s weird to me and makes me jealous. I wish I could be content with mine =P