Is it me?


Idk if it’s me or not but I always have a problem with a horizon stripping the axel out of it… if bought 2 and they e both done it non of my other throws do it, i dont tighten it tight just sung so idk what I’m doing


Did you buy it recently? This is something we can typically fix. If you bought it from YoYoExpert contact us and we can arrange a return, or contact the store you purchased it from and they should help you out.


No but if I do get one agian I’ll do that
Thank you


It hasn’t happened to me with a horizon but a previous owner of the one I have did some pretty decent damage near the axel…

You could have someone retap the yoyo for you. If it’s not completely stripped you can add either lots of Teflon tape or loctite to temporarily solve the problem.


I’ll try that too I never thought of that