Stripped horizon

My horizon just stripped. I wasn’t even tightening it hard it just stripped. I bought it from another store. Has this happened to any of you?? I did nothing to aid my yoyo stripping. It just happened.

Contact the store you bought it from.

Yep going to do it Monday hopefully they have good customer service like yoyoexpert does

Great reason to buy from yoyoexpert right off the bat :wink:

Yep that was my first mistake :joy:

That happened to my horizon as well! I got lucky and got the axle into the stripped half and just loctited it in there

Lucky!! I unscrewed it and the little wire was on the axel

Yeah, contact the store you bought it from and they should be able to fix it or replace it (That’s what we would do ;)).

Yep going to do that today​:wink::+1:

Yoyoexpert does such a great job with this kind of stuff! They let me send in a yoyo that I bought 2-3 years earlier and fixed it for FREE! Great people here at yoyoexpert!

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Yep Definitely. Yoyoexpert has a phone number. But when I tried to contact the store I bought my horizon from they only have a “contact form”. I learned my lesson to only buy from yoyoexpert