Is it me?

I’ve been noticing like, a SPLURGE in CLYW yoyos in the bst lately, and it seams to me EVERYONE has one and EVERYONE is selling one. Seems like those throws aren’t as rare as they use to be. Or is that just me?

I haven’t been paying attention to their yoyos since it’s all too pricey for my liking and I am not ready to buy a used yoyo yet.

Used is fine. As long as there’s no damage, you can never tell. And they are CRAZY pricey, i don’t find them THAT much better and they use to be Really big on the bst cause they were a rare throw. Now they’re everywhere. I mean, when ever i go on the bst, every other page is either them or one drop (but i get the one drop). I’ve had bad experiences with them before and the one time i threw a yeti i wasn’t impressed at all.