Clyw Buying New Vs. Near mint

Im torn between buying a new clyw or buying a used one off BST and pick up the big dipper with some cash to spare. Ive never owned a clyw so i was considering buying a near mint or good condition chief. So i guess my question is, is there a noticeable difference in quality from buying new vs. near mint?


In my experience, if you are buying a yoyo that you want to play and don’t worry about value, used is GREAT!

If you can find one used that is a good price, go for it!

Awesome, thanks for the help. Really appreciated. :slight_smile:

^^^Like he said. There’s nothing like getting that nice new package in the mail with your brand new expensive throw. But you can find really good deals on the bst. I have little experience with it but I do have experience with the bst as well of course getting brand new and so far everything from bst has been as I was told. Just make sure you know what your getting and if you find one you like on the bst that the seller doesn’t post as near mint, then ask them to send you pictures of any damage. Just pay attention to what you are getting, do a little research, and most importantly use common sense.

From my experience, buying a brand new CLYW is much better for multiple reasons. 1) You are guaranteed an awesome product. If the yoyo receive is vibey or there is an ano flaw that was missed or something like that, then you can get it replaced. 2) The person you deal with could scam you. 3) You can get the boxes. This only is a pro to those who collect them. Most people on the BST don’t have the boxes or aren’t willing to get rid of them. 4) Shipping time is usually faster. 5) I find greater satisfaction in buying a brand new yoyo then buying an old used one. 6) They will have a higher value should you decide to sell it later on. 7) Retailers definitely package well.

Of course, there are negatives to buying new. 1) The price is anywhere from 10-80 higher on CLYWs than used. 2) Shipping costs can be expensive depending on the chosen option and/or your location. 3) You can’t work out deals for a lesser price than the retail price that everyone else pays. 4) You can trade your old yoyos for new ones form retailers like YYE.

However, I still think buying brand new is the way to go.

Used, Near mint off the BST is the way to go for me. Save that extra cash for another throw. I’m more than o.k. with a scratch or a couple pinprick dings if I can save $50-$100.