Is it just my bias?

Is it just my bias that I think companys like yyf, yyj and duncan are not as good as companys like SPYY, ILYY, and CLYW? Can a skyline or a superstar play like a punchline or addiction in terms of grindability and awesomeness?

Bed-Blasted Superstar, without stacks, will own alot of yoyos…

Yes it’s just your bias. They’re all wonderful and bring a little different something to the table.

Maybe it’s not only your bias.
Maybe you prefer this company over that company.
Guy wright may say superstar won’t be as awesome as puncline.
John ando may say punchline won’t be as awesome as superstar.
Well, maybe. . . . . . . .


I’m just trying to say things.

Yeah, I understand that English isn’t your native language. It happens that bias and preference have pretty similar meanings. You have bias towards one thing or another because you prefer that (at least when it comes to yoyos and yoyo companies).

i prefer most small companies because they are, well, small. it seems yoyofactory will take over the yoyoing industry if we dont support other companies. if you have a preference, they have a yoyo.

my favorite companies are generalyo and recrev. Generalyo is as close to perfect as an aluminum yoyo can get, and recrev is so good for the price. i got my i half priced, and that cost less than my xconvict, which i got used.