Is it just me or...

…there are more and more people nowadays got their yoyo thread stripped?
Never happen to me unless it was already stripped when I got it…

Just happened to me for the first time last night. So weird how it can suffer little trauma and still get stripped.

Simply because axles are getting shorter, to remove centerweight as well as for finger spins.

Never happened to me and I have been yoyoing for 3 years! (then again I tend to be very gentle when screwing them together)

because more yoyos are being made in China. Low quality aluminum from there will always fail those designs based off the higher alloy strength standard of the US

Yes, I wonder about that myself. Also bearing problems. Just don’t recall these being issues until somewhat recently (a couple of years or so). I tend to think it’s more due to careless handling. Just my opinion.

I would agree. The only throw I’ve ever had that I though migh be somewhat stripped was one I picked up off the BST. Though I’m like Abby, very careful when putting back together. I handle it as delicately as I would a premature infant.

I always make a point to blow into the threads whenever I unscrew a yoyo in case there are some tiny aluminum flakes in there ready to mess up the threads.

My shutter squeaks and comes out very very hard when I unscrew it so I hate to say it but I believe it will be stripping soon. Before that my first YYF throw, the hubstack genesis actually striped to the point it wouldn’t screw back together. Thank god for the wonderful folks at YYE because I sent it to them and they fixed it for me.
Only my YYF throws have seemed to be terrible with bearings coming out or stripping.