Is it just me or do the triton and BvM2 play similar?

Title says all.

I guess I get to be the first serious person? Lol ;D. From what I’ve heard they do but I own neither. I’m getting a bvm2 soon. Could you post pictures if you have both?

I just played mine side by side. They both feel the same on the string, pretty solid. I can push my BvM2 a bit faster than my Triton and it’s a tad more stable. Just a tad.

He has a YouTube channel where he did an unboxing. His name is (on YouTube) “yoyoguy345”

just saw it. Very pretty throw. Good unboxing btw. :wink:

Exactly what I thought. I think I prefer the play of my bvm2 and the looks of my triton.

Exactly. My first run BvM2 is cool but the colorway on my Triton is insane. Both are good.

Also, the mods deleted a whole bunch of comments hahahahahaha. This went from 2 pages to 5 comments lol.

Are you sure your just not in the honeymoon phase?

Lol I know what colors do you have?

I think I still might be but I can tell I like the BvM2’s play better.