Is is normal to get two trading card packs with exactly the same cards?

I found it pretty amusing lol

It happens, nice score on the Bazan legend card though! I have yet to pull a single 2014 Legend (and I’ve placed a LOT of orders)

It’s happened to me, but not with legend cards. I have about 6 Mike Montgomery cards. I get the. So often, I imagine that my order coming in today is gonna have 3 in it.

Haven’t had that, but I have gotten two of the same card in the same pack.

Sorry about that! Unfortunately we don’t really have control over what cards are in each pack, they are supposed to be mixed up fairly well but sometimes this does happen.

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There is a 1/100 chance of getting a legends card, and you got 2 :’( I can’t even find change on the ground, and you got 2 legends cards lol

No problem Garrett. I remember this happening when I was a kid collecting baseball cards too.

Oh I’m not complaining. I just realized its probably a pretty rare occurrence and decided to share it

Definitely not a problem. I used to play CCG’s like M:TG and Pokemon…I know how trading card packs go. No hard feelings here.

My friend got 3 packs and got Ky’s, Tessa Piccollo, and Tyler severance. It was hilarious.

I also got 3 packs one time, all the same cards, and all cards I already had. That was disappointing haha! ;D

well since this is america we should obviously sue yye for millions!

Yes, it happened to me several times before. But, I’ve never been so lucky to get double legend cards. :wink:

And, the cards are the luck of the draw in general, so you may end up with a lot of doubles in the process of collecting them. It adds to the fun though, because you can trade with others to make your full set.

^Lucky for getting 2 legend cards. But you can trade you doubles thats why there called “Trading Cards” :wink:

Somehow I knew it, I didn’t get 3, but there was a Mike Montgomery in my pack I received yesterday. I’ll post a pic of my epic Monty set shortly.


It must be a Montgomery thing…

I had twelve Paul Dangs at one time… the guys awesome i just don’t want him that much.

And we each have 5 of the respective Montgomery. Are we on to some secret of the universe Chimera?