YYE Trading Cards Question


Hey guys I got a 3D yoyo trading card are these common?


Is it a legend card? Like, holographic? Then congrats man. Those are pretty rare.

I got one myself in the huge pile of cards I received on my yoyo day order this year. John Higby I believe.



What you got is a Legend card. You have a 1 in 100 chance of getting one. Which one is it?


I got the Jason Lee one.


Heck yea. It was worth about $30 last time I looked in Beckett.


LOL becket


If this is true, I just got 30 dollars richer.

Of course, it’s not. :-\


I’ll trade all of mine for the Jason Lee.


Would you trade all of yours for the John Higby?


I got a Higby one with my Shutter :D. It was literally the last card of the last pack that i was opening.


I dunno bout that… I’d need to see it.


I’ll give you $3 for it :smiley:


WHOA! I am dying for one. Those are a 1 in 100 chance. You can see it under the Legend section on your YYE Trading Card Checklist.


With the shipping, that $3 and more would be ripped out of my pocket before I could even count it :wink:


I’ve opened over 20 packs in the last month with no luck of pulling a legend or prize card. I’ve collected sports cards/memorabilia for over 25 years and still get just as excited as when I was a child when pull a rare card out of a pack.

Nice pull!

(LinkDawg) #16

I have a Jason Lee one!


:smiley: I can always count on you for a chuckle.

I have all three, but someone was kind enough to give me those holographic ones. I have a complete set, and a near complete second set. I give the rest of them away.

(Jamesofyoyo) #18

Too bad you didn’t get a James Reed trading card… I hear those are pretty rare.


Actually, I do believe I got your card as well…I’m gonna check later


I have a Paul Escolar legend card somewhere around.