I got an xxxxl in the mail today, and upon opening it I found two packs of cards. I was excited to find ann connoly in there. :stuck_out_tongue: and when I opened the second pack they were the same ones! So, I wondered if this has happened to anyone else? And if anyone needs/wants one of these I’d be happy to send one! Especially if you have somethin to trade!

2 of the same pack? nah
2 of the same card? a couple times.
I have 2 andre, 2 sebby, and 3 paul han. everything else is different though. gonna be getting quite a few packs of them soon though. :stuck_out_tongue:
gonna be putting in an almost $400 order. ._.

How the heck did you pull that one off… Well high five for getting trips.

Maybe ask about this but I think since they’re free you can’t complain much even if it does stink.

I wasn’t complaining. Just stating my odd happening! ;D

Oh sorry I thought you were asking for compensation. I feel stupid now… =\

We all make mistakes! :slight_smile:

I got two packs they both had ann connolly but thats it the rest were different.

Dang, watcha gettin?

I believe he is getting a bunch of werrd stuff. Yes, I am a stalker. :wink:

that happened to me i got two hiroyuki 2 yoshi mikamoto and two augie fash

mhmm, big cat’s right :slight_smile:
I’m getting an irony, 4xl, split d, and poo. because well… I <3 werrd. lol

To me, the cards are just a neat little bonus. I have some of the 2010 series from my purchases earlier this year. Oddly enough, my first purchase was for a DM2, and in the box was an Andre Boulay card.

I keep them nearby, go through them once in a while.

With my recent order, I’m sure they are stuffing plenty of packs in there. Probably like 8 or 9 packs!($402 total order!)

I don’t think yoyo player trading cards will get to the level of MLB, NHL, NBA or NFL cards, but it’s still a nice novelty. It just brings a little added fun to my “box of goodies”.

I got lucky and André added an Autographed card with my DM2, lol. I got a Bunch of both, doubles and triples of a lot too.

I am willing to give away my cards during trades. I don’t even open the packs.

I should ask Andre to sign mine too. Maybe he’ll read this and surprise me.

Either way, I was super pleased with YYE customer service and with the stuff I ran them through on my order, well, just proves they know and go the extra mile.

True I called him up because I didn’t get an email telling me about the order going through and turned out I put the wrong email in and he fixed it for me. I’ve always be pleased with YYE and I’ve never considered buying anywhere else.

I have about 20 sebbs, no joke.