Is Hiroyuki blind?

Is Hiroyuki Suzuki blind?! That’s what I’ve heard but is it true??

That’s the kind of thing that would be normal in a manga

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No, its not true.

But if it was he’d be a god :smiley:

Yea he is… But all his yoyos were trained by the Guide Dogs for the Blind Institute.

So, no worries…:wink:

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Or maybe his yoyos are blind! Plot twist!

Stay in school.

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plot twist.

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How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren’t Real


If you watch his Eli Hop video, you will find the answer ;D

Who said that?!

Great news! They took Mickey to the Hospital. They took him a special Department and performed a Miracle operation to fully restore his sight!

Yup… They rushed him to the I.C.U.

He’s eating Cheetos and playing Candy Crush Saga; right now.

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smh. If he was blind he wouldn’t look at his yoyo during a performance.

Because he where’s glasses, you think this? If so, my friend was at Worlds doing Sports Ladder and he said he was nearly blinded by the lights.

that must have been how he got the blind

He wears sunglasses because stage lights can be insanely bright.

Lol I can’t believe this thread reached 2 pages

Well, unless he were declared legally blind. Those declared legally blind can see to an extent, just not as well as the rest of us. Maybe under this definition he can still yo-yo. Did this thread make it to page 3 yet? ;D

“Legal blindness can be based on visual acuity (central vision) or visual field (peripheral vision). Visual acuity of 20/200 in the best-corrected eye qualifies as legally blind. Essentially, this means that what the legally blind person can see at 20 feet, the average observer can see at 200 feet.”

Good point never thought about it like that. Well now my question is… is Hiroyuki legally blind? O.o lol

It gets even deeper, because even if he is legally blind, he is wearing glasses with potentially corrective lenses. So, we have to find out of the sunglasses have corrective lenses, and whether he might be legally blind with the glasses, or without the glasses.

With glasses… 8) Without glasses… :slight_smile: I had to do it. Page 3 status! Oops, not yet.