Is Hiroyuki blind?

this thread cracks me up every damn time. tooooo funny.

Dude. He’s just super high. Chillll

Where you think the name “Super Fly” came from? Think about it…

Additionally, who would have an endorsement with Kit Kat… Yeah, think about that.

I think yall are blind.

Guys,he uses the shades to block out the haters;he’s not blind,he’s just hiding his enormous amounts of swag…
And I now regret ever posting this…

My comment is the most plausible.

I don’t know guys. Isn’t his nickname “Mickey?” I found a connection. Mickey is a mouse. I heard growing up, that there were three blind mice. So, if Mickey is a mouse, and blind, we’d have to explain, where are the other two mice? And, are they sponsored yet?

Jerry recently joined team YYJ, not sure about teh 3rd

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Ok, let’s get things straight, here.

Mickey can’t hear. He has no sense of smell. He hasn’t been able to talk for 11 months. And… He can’t walk.

No big deal.

But saying the guy can’t see? That is totally false Information and rediculous.

Nothing worse than bad information.


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Thank you for putting this in this thread.

stage lights… i dont think so.

and would any sane person who could see do THIS!?

I’m honestly telling you, he’s high.

Any idea when the Superhigh Remix comes out?

He’s missing several bones in his hand, which is how he can pull off those amazing speed combos.

That’s the model that comes wrapped in Kit Kat packaging.

What are you smoking?!?!?!?!?!?(Pun intended)
I asked when not what its packaged in!

I wasn’t answering your question… sOMEThING and Kit Kat have something going on and one can only assume, since he’s always covering his eyes that he’s super-high making a yoyo wrapped in Kit Kat packaging plausible.

You’re smokin somethin maaaaaannnnn I just wanna know when it’s comin out…
Maaaaan am I hungry…

I think this wins this one lol

It’ll drop when he feels like dropping it. Only he knows. That’s how he is.

remind me how this thread came about… ohh yeah someone said Hiroyuki was blind… now how did he come up with that.

They’re speculating because he wears sunglasses, but it is because of the light that he does that.