Hiroyuki Suzuki in Star King [Korean TV show]

Hiroyuki Suzuki (Mickey) was recently featured in Star King, a Korean TV variety show with high viewership ratings. It’s famous for having Korean pop stars as guests.
Mickey and K-pop group KARA had a collaboration in this particular episode. Mickey having 30 minutes in front of the camera in a very popular show? Sweet.

The uploaded-on-YouTube version probably made rounds around Facebook but it got taken down immediately. So here’s another upload from another website in case you haven’t watched it :]

Video below doesn’t have subtitles, but I don’t think it’s necessary because it’s still a nice segment regardless.


he wheres those glasses for everything…

The sound effects on the eli hops are great.

SkyHigh’s Favorite parts:

And the close ups of the asian womens faces: :o

lololol @ ~5:40 “Oh! Oh! Whoa! Whoa-ho! Yo! Yo-Ho! YO HO! Woo-Hoo!” hahaha

Everyone freaking out, including the host who rushes in to hug Hiroyuki after he binds the offstring haha

The Host wants to do walk the dog on a metal, then can’t get the yoyo to return. Classic lol.

Of course, that’s his signature style.

Korean variety shows are just crazy. Those sound/video effects, overreaction of the hosts, and the abundance of captions/subtitles [of basically what the person is currently saying] is just ‘normal’ to spice things up.

Us yoyoers give Mickey lots of crap because he does the same exact tricks in contests [I would know 'cause I’m a huge fan], but take away all the judging/points and look at it in the eyes of someone who hasn’t seen yoyoing like that before, it’s visually appealing.

At first I found it super annoying–like just about any over-the-top variety show with a screaming host–but I got into it as I began to…

My favorite part was when Mickey was doing that 4a toss with the girl, and when she overthrew him, he ninja’d the yoyo right out of the air! I don’t do 4a, but that kind of thing only happens to me when no one is looking…and he did it on a national tv show!

Also, I think Mickey needs to perform under black light pretty much always.