Is anyone here into 35mm cameras?

I saw one at a thrift store the other day and have considered buying it. Is anyone here into these kinds of cameras?

It was a Fujica st605 n



I shoot 120mm frequently

You should buy a 35mm if you want to have beautiful pictures of your family with tangible evidence of a moment (exposed film) as opposed to a soulless digital file :slight_smile:


So you would only recommend a 35 mm camera to take beautiful pictures of my family?

yes, a lot of people don’t have the patience or care to take analog images anymore because of it’s less effort, “easier”, digital counterpart…queue the classic: why would I take film pictures when I can use my iphone?

I figured saying taking pictures of your growing children and capturing the short-lived childhood would inspire you to take the plunge

If the mystique of film and analog don’t intrigue you (the same way with yoyoing) then there is no reason to pursue it, the reason is art’s sake and art’s sake purely

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It was only 10 bucks, everything looked in tact. Hopefully it will be there next week lol

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35mm camera’s are usually tanks - it takes a lot for the body to get damaged

A few things to take note of:

  • fungus or mold in lens/glass
  • blackout curtain condition
  • film winder condition
  • light meter accuracy (you’ll have to do a grey card test)

this is what I mean.

If you care enough to go through this for the love of the craft then you will be rewarded, if you want “cool” points for using film then you’re in over your head lol

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I don’t know if I would say that I just want cool points, I’ve always been interested in photography. And I think I’m a pretty decent photographer for having absolutely no professional training of any kind.

I had a really nice Canon Rebel for a couple of years what’s a couple of different lenses, but it was stolen and I never really plunge back into owning an actual camera.


I would take the plunge then :slight_smile:

Shoot me a PM if you’d like any recommendations on anything analog photo related, I’d be more than happy to help

and the bright side is most thieves wouldn’t steal a film camera!!!


Cool man, thanks!

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I have two, a Minolta SRT SC-II and a Minolta Maxxum. Both very nice, but now mostly use my Canon Powershot A540 and ELPH 330 HS, basically because I’m too cheap to pay for developing film. Guess I’ve gotten a bit lazy.


I also have an elph. Although, it does not currently have a battery or battery charger, so I haven’t used it in a long time. It’s a pretty chill little camera

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I’ve been into photography for around 25 years now. Started with 35mm SLR’s. Bought my share of thrift store cameras, most of them had bad seals and would expose the film as soon as you advanced it. But got some decent ones too.

I’d buy cheap film and quickly shoot through it, with photos that you don’t mind if they turn out or not and then get the roll processed to make sure the camera isn’t leaking light.


Yay! Film! I shoot 120 and 35. My Canon F1 is my go to. Such a good camera. The quality is really nice. I do use a Nikon D7200 for more quick and professional stuff (my clients don’t seem to appreciate the wait for developing) but for pure fun and art, you can’t go wrong with a good 35mm.


Yo! What medium format are you shooting? I have a Bronica for 6x6 and a Fuji for 6x9 :blush:


Plaubel Makina 67 for 6x7
Fuji GW690i for 6x9
Mamiya C220 for 6x6


Love it!

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Well, looks like I took too long to make my decision somebody else snagged it from the thrift store.

Since we’re on the subject though, if I were to look for an analog camera, where would I go and what would you suggest?

Pentax K1000

Great camera for less than $80 used on eBay most of the time!
If not - any used camera retailer will have some form of it

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What about [bigger?] mm cameras? What’s different about them?

There is 120mm, 4x5, and 8x10

The advantage is a larger negative, meaning sharper detail throughout the image which some people want and others don’t care about. The larger negative comes at the cost of portability

120mm is medium format

4x5 and 8x10 are large format, y’know the cameras with the bellows, dark cloth, and shutter release combo - the old fashioned cameras they used back during the manifest destiny days, you see a modified version of these cameras used in press photography during the 40s/50s with the big ol flash bulbs that only get a handful of uses

A good entry level medium format camera would be a Yashica Mat - they’re rather inexpensive