is anybody watching skywire ? (the guy on the grand canyon)


I was wondering, if you are not familiar with skywire, a man is going to walk across the grand canyon(like walking in a rope) and there are no nets or anything. What if he actually falls? Would they show it on tv?


That was yesterday on live tv. He made it across safe and sound. He also tight rope walked across Niagara falls


2 words : SPOILER ALRET!!! I dont really care though. Is it worth watching? Or should I change it?


it’s kinda cool. Sorry for telling you :wink: it’s kinda cool when he gets half way through because the wire starts to move


Ya, he’s half way now, he says “yes Jesus, thank you Jesus, praise you lord” every 2 seconds… Its weird XD


Not that weird. If I was on a tightrope in the middle of the Grand Canyon, I’d be praying pretty hard also.


There is probably a delay, so if he fell, they would pan away or go to commercial before it showed on our TV. I was watching because it was on the TV at the resturaunt I had dinner at. Pretty freaky stuff.


i saw it that man was crazy though.