Covered Bridge



Share your thoughts of the video below :slight_smile:


What fun, to be able to play so well and in such a pretty location.


Why thank you! You don’t see many covered bridges anymore, figured I would film in front of one since they’re pretty ubundant where I live.


How many of you see covered bridges regularly?


You know what? I really love this video! I really wish to see more, so I’m gonna subscribe! :slight_smile: Keep up the good work man!


I saw you subbed man. I really appreciate it. My video will only improve from here :slight_smile: thanks


Do you like my video?


Yes! Drew, you keep putting out amazing videos, I gotta get on your level bro :smiley:


:slight_smile: thank you! You’re practically there, I’m not as good as most people tell me :slight_smile:


that behind the back lasso was hawt.


Oh I know 8) didn’t take me long to land while filming either, so that was a plus.


cool vid man and sweet tricks. looks real smooth and that was a nice spot you were throwing at. just subbed so please get those vids coming!

oh yeah, and when you lost the throw from your hands, did it but that brick wall? were those scuffs on the throw you were showing?


Thanks for subscribing!
And no, it didn’t hit the wall. It hit the ground. It had rained for 2 days straight, so it was really muddy. That was mud that was on the yoyo.


That last slack rejection trick was pretty dope.


Thank you, that is one of my favorites.


What do you guys think of the location I filmed at?




Oh man…
It seems like that yoyo is flowing like water in your hands. I mean it looked like its all natural and you are putting no efforts.
Can I come and take tuition from you? LOL


Thank you very much. If you like any of the tricks let me know and I will try to make tutorials for it!