IrPads recommendations?


Hey guys,
I’m intrigued by these pads, but given the price of them, I’d like to know a little more about how the different hardness ratings compare to current stock pads. Namely, how the One Drop-sized pads compare to the stock flow groove pads. Should I go with soft, medium, or hard? What are the pros and cons?

I would assume that soft pads would be better for lighter yoyos while hard would be better for heavier yoyos? Any thoughst before I spend my entire paycheck trying to compare these boutique pads?

(M.DeV1) #2

I believe the softer the pad the grippier it would be while the hard padds would be slicker.


This tends to be the trend with response pads. The softer they are, the grippier.

These pads are really interesting looking - I’ll probably place an order for some different types and make what of what I notice.


Just like tires for your car, softer tires: more grip, doesn’t last too long
Hard tires: less grip, but last longer


Well now I just need to figure out how the flow groove pads compare in hardness. I think something softer would be nice so I can get better binds in my lighter yoyos while something harder would help me from breaking my knuckles with my heavier yoyos.