irony VS chief


looking for fast, h/v type shaped, good for horizontal, wide gap,and good for grinds and in the 140 price range


just pick one of those two. they are both so good, you’ll be equally happy with either


Irony. So much better for horizontal, faster, stabler, smoother, better for grinding, overall IMO for everything you listed. Almost as good as my old Overdrive. And thats saying something. Cause the Overdrive is ridiculous.



Get the Irony JP. Not the regular one. It’s much better! Way better actually! And it’s a better grinder than my Chiefs. And all my CLYWs. Makes horizontal palm grind binds easy. So powerful.


Since you say fast… Irony JP. The Chief is stable and have good spintimes, though is floaty and not on the fast side. The Irony is probably better there…