Irony GBA and C3 Dark Sonic

How do they play? I mean looking at the spex on the Irony and all it looks thouper light!! Also how do the Dark Sonic and/or the Irony compare to lets say a Supernova 7075 or a CODE 2?

I just got a Dark Sonic from SCR today. Its a very solid throw. I Haven’t played with any of the others so I couldnt tell you how they compare. As far as the Dark Sonic goes, its very versatile. Handles speed very well and very stable.

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The Irony is one of those love it or hate it yoyos. It is very light and it forces you to play pretty fast. Haven’t tried a Dark Sonic.


It’s cool.

Never played a Dark Sonic but I did own an Irony GBA. From my experience it was a great throw. It did feel quite light but still had supple spin time. The shape is a little extreme and take a little to get used too. Overall its really nice and plays great if you like a light throw and a big diameter.

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You can’t go wrong with either of those yoyos. Just pick whichever one has the colorway you like the most and enjoy it.

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So I should pick the Dark Sonic? I don’t really like super light throws that are bigger than oversized. I’ve played a HazMat with ultralights, how does the Irony compare?

Well, the Irony is around 64g… it’s not really that light. A few grams doesn’t make that big of a difference. Now, proportionally, yes the Irony is light. Still, weight is weight. To me, anything heavier than 66g is simply uncomfortable. Personally, I’d toss a coin on this. Either way is a win.

The dark sonic is an amazing yoyo. It’s great for 5a, super (super) stable, spins forever, and is probably the best yoyo I own for horizontal tricks. Get it.

I only play 1A and some 2A. Is it good for 1A as well as 5A?


The Irony is amazing, one of my favorites. It is very fast, but also plays very light so it’s easy on the fingers.

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The Irony GBA is just a dream. And the Irony JP is even better. It’s insane. The GBA plays light, also nice and stable. Its a stupendous all-around throw, to be honest. It’s deffinatly in my top 10 mybe even 5 yoyos. & trust me, I"m picky and I’ve thrown A LOT. It’s totally worth getting, by far.

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