C3 trident or dark sonic?

Title says it all

Dark sonic or try to get the new mo-tivation

Trident by far. Plays so well.

Putting the topic of discussion in the body says it 10,000 times better. Then again, that’s what good form is all about. Just rules that have been around over 35 years.

I haven’t played the Dark Sonic. I do haev several C3 yoyos and I’ve been pleased with each and every one of them. Token, Trident, DiBase, Halo, Alpha Crash, Capless. This is a brand I feel very comfortable with recommending this brand.

I feel you really can’t go wrong with this brand. They seem to favor V-type shapes and yoyos with an orientation around horizontal play for those who wish it. My least favorite is the Token, which is only because I prefer larger yoyos, but the Token is still loads of fun, probably my absolute favorite massively undersized yoyo. The DiBase and Capless do in fact play around the $100 price range. The Trident just kills, it’s a wonderful yoyo that even at $125 is STILL underpriced. BUT, here’s the thing, the Trident has a nipple-type riser in the center, which adds a bit more center weight and also accomodates the axle. This makes this yoyo completely unsuitable for doing those gyro tricks unless you can land right on that post and keeping a finger or thumb there. The Dark Sonic has a concave shaped platform in the center. If you’re into those gyro tricks, this might be the better selection as it is clearly designed for it.

the dark sonic has the finger indent for that and finger spin tricks

I’ve owned both and have to say the trident fits my preference more

It just feels faster for me and the shape of it is more comfortable in my hands