Iron Whip "pop"

Any tips for the very beginning of iron whip. “popping” the yoyo out of the string so one can swing the loop. I have trouble doing this in Green triangle as well. Popping the yoyo out of the string on green triangle causes the loop to close and catch the yoyo. Thanks for the help.

If your yoyo is getting caught trying to come out of a GReen triangle it sounds like it may be a little responsive. The yoyo should come off the stein smooth from a GT. you use both your hands to move the string up then down to get the yoyo out of the GT. as far as iron whip when your holding the loop with your throw hand you insert your none throw hand and go In front of the yoyo then under to help get it off the string. Have you learned jade whip yet? Just asking because I found it much easier to learn jade whip then when I got the whipping motion good I went back and learned iron whip. Good luck hope this helped.

I have Jade whip as smooth as butter. Its Iron whip that is giving me trouble :confused:

That’s half the battle with iron whip. Like I said before insert your non throw hand and go In front of the yoyo making the yoyo pop out the back the higher you pop the yoyo the easier it will be. Once it’s popped up think of it just like jade whip aim for the gap and you should be all set.