Ipod Touch 4G 2011 For Trade

Hi im looking for trades on an Ipod touch 16 Gb 4th Gen 2011 Model
Looking for :

Super G
Code 1

What color is the iPod?

the pods aluminum color at the back and black in front…like this :

You need to post pictures of your iPod and give a little more on the condition. Does it have any scratches on the front and back? The aluminum backs are known to be scratch magnets.

yeah thers alot of scratches on the back aluminium…but the front is tip top no scratches as it was guarded by a screen guard…
Offer Up!

I don’t think the forth gen came in 16,
Only 8, 32, 64

I was just going to post this. haha.

Does the iPod have a camera?

Need to see picture. Im interested

Pretty sure 1st Gen, 2nd Gen, & 4th Gen was available in 16gb. Believe the 3rd & 5th Gen was not only 32gb and 64gb

1st & 2nd Gen - were 8, 16, 32 GBs
3rd - 32, 64 GBs
4th - 8, 16, 32, 64GBs
5th - 32, 64GBs

No, 4th Generation iPods did NOT have the 16gb option; only 8, 32, 64. This continued to the 5th generation.

A 4th gen 16gb is like finding a unicorn, this sounds fishy.

Here it is straight from the source. Apple iPod identifier, gives the specific memory capacity.

I have a Dv888 I don’t use anymore. It’s got some dings but it still plays smooth.