FT ipod touch 8gig 1gen and 8gig 4gen

I have a first gen ipod touch 8 gig. currently in good condition (has a case and screen protector) and is also jailbroken ( i can unjailbreak it and put it back to factory setting if interested) that i am looking to trade. TRADED

Also i have a 4th gen 8gig ipod touch (the one with the cameras) that has a few scratches on the back that i am looking to trade.
here is the ipod 4th gen. currently pending

These are the yoyos on my wish list

YYF Plastic Grind Machine
YYF Monster
YYF Superwide
YYJam k-os
YYJam Spin Factor HG
YYJam Hitman pro
YYJam eneme

pm me if you would like to make me an offer. i just don’t want to go through selling these on ebay then buying yoyos. I would like to make it one fell swoop.