FT: 32gig Ipod Touch

Hello all, here I have a 32 gig Apple iPod Touch (the one without the camera so I think it’s 3rd gen?). Got a new iPhone so I don’t necessarily need this one anymore so I thought maybe I’d put it up for trade. It has some light scratches, especially on the back but works great. I’ve kept a screen protector on it since I’ve had it. I have the iPod and the USB transfer cable but no headphones or iTunes installation disc (you can easily download iTunes from Apple’s website). I’ll reset it to factory default before sending it to you so it’ll be fresh. It has never been jailbroken or any type of mods done to it. Here’s some pictures. If you want specific pics or close-ups then I can provide them. Here we go.

Here are my wants. I’m really only looking for stuff I have listed but I’ll consider any offers. Cash offers will be considered as well so just offer if that’s what you have in mind. Here’s my wants.

  • Pretty much any Ti.
  • vsNYYC Skywalker
  • x3 Stampede
  • CLYW Chief
  • CLYW Canvas
  • CLYW Avalanche
  • CLYW Peak
  • OD Code 1
  • C3 Winning Bird
  • Werrd Irony
  • Werrd 4XL
  • Spyy Pro
  • RecRev Electric Daisy
  • RecRev Paper Mache
  • RecRev Mongaroo
  • RecRev No.9
  • RecRev I
  • YYJ Phenom (maybe)
  • Chico Heavy Hitter
  • YoYoJoker
  • YYR
  • TP
  • Offer
  • $$$$$
  • YYJ Fiesta (deal sweetener only)
  • YYJ Fiesta XX (deal sweetener only)
  • YYJ Go Big (deal sweetener only)
  • YYJ Aquarius (deal sweetener only)
  • Beat metals (deal sweetener only)
  • YYF PGM (stacked, deal sweetener only)