iPods for sale and trade

Here I have 3 iPods that I no longer have any use for. One of them -the Purple one- is decently hurt; a decent amount of scratches and nicks on the edges. It also has an issue that I opened it to examine (The backlight wouldn’t come on) and in my closing of the device, I accidentally clipped the connection between the click-wheel and the iPod itself. So the click-wheel does not work and the backlight is dead.everything else works; Lock, charge/data/music. It’s a tasty Purple with 16gbs. This is the Chromatic. (<---- I forgot to mention earlier; I’m quite tired XD )

I’m thinking around 20$ for this one.

The next is a 2nd Gen (I’m pulling that from memory so I could be wrong) iPod with 15gbs. It’s a Milky white that is in rather Lovely condition. I’ve never been able to boot it because it apparently requires a firewire cable and port; both of which I lack. But to my knowledge it works great. Also, please know that it is a Black and White dispay, NOT a full colour wonder everyone pursues today.

I really don’t know what this one should go for, a little help would be much appreciated. Again, offer ANYTHING.

And last of all, I have a Beautiful condition 8gb 1st Gen iPod Touch. It has been in a case basically it’s whole Life, with a screen protector. Everything works perfectly on it. really, there isn’t much to be said about it, because nothing it wrong with it. Of course it has some of the light, haze-creating scuffs on the shiny back, but that is about it. It also come with the original packaging but no earbuds.

Here, I was thinking 70$?

(Please excuse that bowl -.-")

I’ll post better pictures hopefully soon, my connection at the moment is very low, causing uploads to Photobucket to be very slow.

Looking for:
Yoyos (Throw me offers for whatever you please, I won’t discriminate against any yoyos. Oh, wait, no FHZ’s please.)
Really wants a BlackBerry(Sprint)
Just smooth yoyo’s
(I Like metals and plastics that play like metals)
Blackberry.(Just saying, A Blackberry takes all priority and is worth the most to me)

Also, all posted are able for a combination of cash and yoyo’s or whatever you have.
Just offer, we can work out anything.

how much for the ipod touch? what generation is it?

Reading is an amazing power.