LOOKING FOR: 16gig Ipod Touch 2nd Gen (2nd gen ONLY)

I want it before OR we can trade at worlds if you’re going.

It must have no to very very little (also light) scratches on the screen.

It must come with the USB cord to plug into my computer.

Here is what I have to give for it:

1st Gen Prototype Wedgie (slight scratches that can be polished out)

2nd Gen Prototype Wedgie (mint)

Near Mint 4xl (polishing could take out the scratches) (no jimmy hats, has rubber weight rings)

I also have deal sweateners aka a few plastics to toss in if need be.

I will give all of the above for a MINT 16gig 2nd Gen Ipod Touch

Or will give 2 of the above for a near mint 16 gig 2nd Gen Ipod Touch

US Only unless we are trading at worlds.


Why do you need a 16 gig?

Because I have ALOT of music and ALOT of yoyo videos that I want to put on there. Just anything that is 16 gigs or bigger, I just think I would run out of space on the 8 gigs too quickly.